The Telekom Austria Group’s sustainability strategy is based on an extensive analysis and evaluation of social and ecological aspects along the value chain of its core business.

‘For us, responsibility means
investing in the central infrastructure
of today’s knowledge-based society,
pushing energy-efficient technologies
and promoting media literacy
for everyone.’

In addition to internal perspectives, external stakeholders were included in this process (‘materiality analysis’): More than 300 people responded to an online survey on the relevance of various social and ecological issues. The requirements of international standards, rankings and rating agencies and the sustainability activities of other telecommunication companies were also taken into account. At the next stage, the internal and external priorities were combined, the key topics for the sustainability strategy were summarised in a materiality matrix and four action areas and corresponding targets were developed on this basis.

Cover des Nachhaltigkeitsberichts der Telekom Austria Group 2014 (photo)

Prize-winning Sustainability Report

For the second year in succession the
Telekom Austria Group’s Sustainability
Report 2014 received the first prize in the
Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award (ASRA)
competition in the ‘Large Enterprises’ category.