Key areas of investment in 2014 included the expansion of the Group’s LTE mobile networks and the further rollout of high-bandwidth broadband in Austria. To ensure future-proof capacities, the Telekom Austria Group also acquired new frequencies in Slovenia and extended the licences for parts of the existing spectrum in Bulgaria. All in all, in 2014, the Group invested approximately EUR 750 mn, of which EUR 95 mn were spent on frequency spectrum.

The Telekom Austria Group believes that quality leadership helps to differentiate it from the competition and creates significant added value for customers. This conviction is a central element of the Group’s technology strategy and is also reflected in its market presence. Accordingly, the Telekom Austria Group permanently seeks to position itself via a high degree of innovation as well as employ new technologies at an early stage and on a broad scale, particularly in mature and competitive markets. For example, the Group has already offered LTE technology, the fourth mobile network generation, in the market since 2010. In October 2014 A1 became the world’s first telecom operator to generate data speeds of several hundred Mbps on existing copper lines for a customer in a 19th-century building in Vienna using

To fulfil its role as an innovation leader, the Telekom Austria Group also conducts practice-oriented development work and enters into research partnerships with science and industry. Its partners include the Telecommunications Research Center Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology, the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Radio Technology for Sustainable Mobility, the Josef Ressel Centre for User-friendly Secure Mobile Environments and the Technical University of Sofia.