4G/LTE in four of seven markets


LTE will act as a catalyst for the development of future applications and further improvements in mobile data traffic. This is because LTE technology offers data speeds up to ten times higher than the conventional UMTS network. Thanks to the acquisition of additional frequencies in Austria and permanent and substantial investment in its infrastructure, the Telekom Austria Group is continuously increasing its LTE coverage. In Austria, LTE coverage had reached more than 60% of the population by the end of 2014 and is set to be available in large parts of Austria in 2015.

The LTE networks are not only being expanded, however, they are also evolving. In June 2014 A1 Telekom Austria AG became the first operator in Austria to test the future standard for voice telephony over LTE in its live network as part of a Voice over LTE (VoLTE) trial.

The future is now

The subsidiaries A1 Telekom Austria AG (A1) and Si.mobil also made an important step in advancing the development of the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology towards LTE Advanced with the implementation of LTE carrier aggregation in selected conurbations in November 2014. With LTE carrier aggregation, the existing bandwidths can be approximately doubled by simultaneously transmitting data streams on different frequency bands. Instead of the previous maximum of 150 Mbps, suitable devices can now achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

With data volumes seeing a vast increase due to the steady flow of new information and communication applications and low latency becoming ever more important, the Telekom Austria Group is working on the next evolutionary steps alongside the LTE expansion. To this end, the Group is already focusing on the fifth generation of mobile telecommunications technology. 5G will enable data speeds of up to 1 Gbps with negligible latency. The Telekom Austria Group is cooperating with a number of different players, providing its technological expertise in order to define the future standards for 5G together with equipment suppliers, research institutes and other telecoms operators.

Continous investment in network quality:
LTE network coverage on the rise

  • Austria: >60%
  • Croatia: >27%
  • Slovenia: >75%
  • Republic of Macedonia: >42%