Corporate social responsibility


The Telekom Austria Group’s corporate strategy is geared towards increasing enterprise value in a sustainable way, while taking into account all relevant economic, ecological and social aspects. This goal is supported by the Group’s commitment to the Austrian Corporate Governance Code and the application of all of the requirements of the internal control system, the Code of Conduct and the compliance guidelines. An integrated corporate social responsibility (CSR) management system, defined standards and processes, Group-wide environmental management and compliance with the principles of the UN Global Compact ensure the ongoing development of strategies and goals and the involvement of all business units and hierarchies. Sustainability reporting is based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and is independently validated by an external auditor.

The sustainability strategy of the Telekom Austria Group was fundamentally revised in 2013. A materiality analysis was conducted with the help of various interest groups to identify the central sustainability issues. Four areas of activity were then derived which are considered material to the future development of the Telekom Austria Group. Specific targets, measures and performance indicators were defined for these areas of activity.

The area of activity named ‘Providing responsible products’ builds on the innovative application options for secure, high performance communication networks and their positive impact on the environment and society. ‘Living green’ highlights the specific measures to reduce the Telekom Austria Group’s ecological footprint. To allow performance measurement in this area, environmental indicators are drawn across the Group (with the exception of Liechtenstein). The targeted promotion of employees is at the heart of the area of activity named ‘Empowering people’. Finally, ‘Creating equal opportunities’ comprises the Telekom Austria Group’s initiatives aimed at fostering digital media skills at subsidiaries.

The environmental management of A1 Telekom Austria AG and Si.mobil in Slovenia are ISO 14001 certified and satisfy all EMAS requirements. The energy management of A1 Telekom Austria AG is also ISO 50001 certified. Compliance with the requirements of these standards is reviewed annually by an independent certification body. In 2014, A1 Telekom Austria AG introduced the first and, to date, only carbon-neutral network in Austria. The underlying CO2 calculation was audited and validated by TÜV SÜD in accordance with the international standard PAS 2060.