Highlights 2014


New majority shareholder
América Móvil

Certificate (Illustration )

With América Móvil the Telekom Austria Group has a strong international majority owner and is well equipped for the future. Since 20 October 2014 the telecommunications group has held a 59.7% share in the Telekom Austria Group.

On the right path in

Signs (Illustration )

The consistent implementation of the turnaround strategy launched in 2012 is bearing its first tangible fruit: For the first time after years of falling revenues and earnings, EBITDA comparable in Austria is growing slightly again on a year-on-year basis, mainly because of the focus on high-value customer segments, best network quality and strict cost reduction programmes.

LTE in four markets

Crane (Illustration )

The steady increase in data volume is managed by the Telekom Austria Group by means of an accelerated upgrade of its LTE infrastructure. A1 already offers network coverage of more than 60% in Austria, Vipnet (Croatia) around 27%, Si.mobil (Slovenia) over 75% and Vip operator (Republic of Macedonia) over 42%.

EUR 1 bn of fresh capital

Heap of money (Illustration )

The successful capital increase of the Telekom Austria Group generated EUR 1 bn in November 2014. The funds are to be used to strengthen the balance sheet, for fibre investments and for strategic acquisitions.

Prize winner in network quality

Cup (Illustration )

Top marks in tests and rankings regularly confirm the Telekom Austria Group’s infrastructure and quality leadership. In 2014 A1 won four out of four network tests.

Technology pioneer

Rocket (Illustration )

In 2014 A1 presented the ultra high-bandwidth broadband transmission technology G.fast in live trials for the first time worldwide, achieving data speeds of more than 500 Mbps. The harnessing of existing copper lines helps to make the fibre rollout more efficient.

Macedonia is convergent

By acquiring the leading Macedonian cable provider blizoo Macedonia the Telekom Austria Group implemented its convergence strategy in a fourth country. The merger of Vip operator and One, which has been agreed between Telekom Austria Group and Telekom Slovenije Group, further strengthens Vip operator’s market presence. The approval of the transaction by the authorities is pending and expected for the first quarter of 2015.

Impairment in Bulgaria

The Telekom Austria Group responded to changed estimates of economic and corporate development with an impairment for the Bulgarian subsidiary Mobiltel.