Going in a new direction

Der Vorstand der Telekom Austria Group (von links nach rechts): Hannes Ametsreiter (Generaldirektor), Siegfried Mayrhofer (Chief Financial Officer), Günther Ottendorfer (Chief Technology Officer) (photo)

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Going in a new direction, or following the same path in a new way, requires a pioneering spirit. In a business context, however, this cannot mean uncontrolled adventures or experiments. Generating added value and harnessing new potential lie at the heart of every strategic decision. Reorientation and innovative approaches to forward-looking objectives necessarily require detailed planning with a view to achieving more than just partial victories. Along with a focused implementation of the strategy and efficient teamwork, this is probably one of the most important success factors.

In the year under review the Telekom Austria Group went in a number of new directions and took new approaches to existing paths in order to achieve its ambitious targets. In particular, this includes the change in our shareholder base with the new controlling majority shareholder, América Móvil. As well as backing our strategic focus, such as the expansion of our convergence offering, América Móvil will support significant investments in our network infrastructure in the longer term. At a time when there is a pronounced trend towards consolidation in the European telecommunications markets, América Móvil will also further our competitiveness on a global scale.

As an example of successful repositioning in existing markets, this report also details our focus on achieving the turnaround in our home market of Austria, which is already within reach—thanks in particular to uncompromising cost management, a focus on high-value customer segments and the network quality leadership that sets us apart from our peer group in highly competitive markets. Special attention is also given to our activities in CEE, a region in which we continue to believe and whose potential we are actively harnessing through a wide range of measures. Last but not least, we also report on how we intend to fulfil our role as a technology and innovation leader in an environment where the business world and everyday life are becoming increasingly digital: By always being among the first to embrace, test and advance the latest technological trends and developments and roll them out on a wide scale.

Our dynamic markets will continue to present considerable challenges that require us to demonstrate our versatility and pioneering spirit. Nevertheless, we are confident that the new directions and approaches pursued by the Telekom Austria Group will pave the way for a successful future.

Hannes Ametsreiter, Chairman of the Management Board (signature)

Hannes Ametsreiter
Chairman of the Management Board

Siegfried Mayrhofer, Chief Financial Officer (signature)

Siegfried Mayrhofer
Chief Financial Officer

Günther Ottendorfer, Chief Technology Officer (signature)

Günther Ottendorfer
Chief Technology Officer

Hand (Illustration )

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